Upcoming Events

July 26-28 - 113th Annual ACGA Convention, Prescott

August 9-11 - Arizona Section SRM Summer Meeting, Peach Springs

August 10-12 - Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering, Prescott

August 12 - Coconino County Cattle Growers & FB Annual Meeting, Williams

August 19 - 103rd Annual Meeting of the Greenlee County Cattle Growers' Association, Clifton

September 21-24 - Public Lands Council Annual Meeting, Flagstaff

December 27-January 1, 2018 - Arizona National Livestock Show, Phoenix

January 31-February 2, 2018 - Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show, Phoenix


Arizona Junior Livestock Association

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the welfare of the livestock industry, to further the education and cooperation of young people interested in livestock, and to aid in the attainment of mutual goals set by AJLA members interested in all phases of this business and all possible career opportunities.

AJLA meets during the Arizona Cattle Growers' Association annual summer convention. Dues are $10 per person or $20 per family. At the meeting they have two speech contests a quiz bowl and other fun activities from livestock judging to cooking classes.




President - Matt Bell
Vice President - Izzy McGibbon
Secretary/Treasurer- Elissa Arrington

For more information contact advisor, Roxie Bell at roxdan703@aol.com or 520-604-2268.


Arizona Junior Livestock Association at the 112th Annual Convention in Tucson in 2016. Pictured L-R 1st row (lying): Tessa McGibbon. 2nd row (kneeling): Cora McGibbon,
Samantha McLean, Aidan Bell, Elizabeth McLean, Preslee Whetten, Audrey Cordrey. Third row (standing): Eliana Arrington, Jace Arrington, Sarah Cline. Back (standing):
John Duey, Julian Arrington, Elissa Arrington, Izzy McGibbon, Matt Bell, Greysen Whetten, Charly Jay Whetten.

History of AJLA

Printed in 2005 ACA Membership Magazine

The Arizona Junior Livestock Association (AJLA) has been around for years. There is even a ledger entry date of 1954. Many current Cattle Grower members were probably AJLA members when they were young. After a several year hiatus, AJLA was brought back to life and restructured in 1994, with the help of some very insightful industry moms, Judy Prosser and Karen Williams.  

In the early discussions it was debated what to name the organization. Should it be called the Junior Cattlemen's Association or the Junior Livestock Association? It was soon decided that the word "livestock" would be used so everyone who wanted could be involved. Using the Arizona Cattle Growers' Association as a model, AJLA elected an officer team so there would be structure and organization. AJLA developed a mission statement and created the by-laws of their organization. And set out on what has been a successful journey of learning and friendship.  

AJLA was started with a simple goal in mind. To allow for the young people in the livestock industry to build relationships and camaraderie while learning valuable skills that would prepare them for a bright future. AJLA members learn about the issues facing the cattle industry and are proactive in teaching others, as well as lend support to their parent's organization, ACGA.

The Arizona Junior Livestock Association is focused on learning, and does so by holding annual speaking contests and quiz bowls. Members can compete in either prepared public speaking or extemporaneous speaking, and everyone is encouraged to test their trivia skills in the quiz bowl, where they are quizzed on topics related to the cattle industry. AJLA also holds livestock judging contests in order to enhance AJLA member's knowledge of livestock.