Upcoming Events

September 24-28 - 60th Annual Weights and Measures Association Meeting, Scottsdale

September 27 - 7th Annual Calf Rollover Auction, Valley Livestock Auction

September 30 - Yavapai Cattle Growers' Association Annual Calf Sale and BBQ, West Fork Peeples Valley

October 3 - 7th Annual Calf Rollover Auction, Prescott Livestock Auction

October 14 - Southern Arizona Cattlemen's Protective Association's Fall Meeting, Tucson

October 18 - 7th Annual Calf Rollover Auction, Marana Livestock Auction

October 19 - Southern AZ Rancher’s Gathering, Cal Ranch, Sierra Vista

November 2 - Range Beef Cattle Workshop, Green Valley

November 16 - 7th Annual Calf Rollover Auction, Willcox Livestock Auction

November 19 - 3rd Annual Anchor F Club Calf Sale, Sonoita

December 27-January 1, 2018 - Arizona National Livestock Show, Phoenix

January 31-February 2, 2018 - Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show, Phoenix

The Arizona Cattle Feeders' Association Commitment to Quality

Since October of 1990, the Arizona Cattle Feeders' Association, in conjunction with The Arizona Beef Council, has implemented the training and certification necessary for the Arizona Beef Quality Assurance Program. This program is designed to assist Arizona Cattle Feeder members in producing cattle that are healthy, wholesome and meet FDA, USDA, and EPA guidelines, rules, and regulations. In addition, the Arizona Beef Quality Assurance Program has been thoroughly reviewed, tested, and received the Beef "Mark of Quality" from the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. The "Mark of Quality" is recognition for superior production practices in producing safe and wholesome beef products for today's consumers. All certified feedyards can utilize the "Mark of Quality" to gain recognition of their superior beef production practices.

This handbook is produced as an aid to feedyard owners and employees to help answer any specific questions that may arise related to the proper use of various products. In addition, this handbook is designed to lead feedyard owners and employees through a system where the industry can certify that all proper procedures are followed and all personnel have received the training necessary to qualify as a "Certified Feedyard."

There is a copy of the beef quality assurance agreement for feeders to participate in the ACFA Beef Quality Assurance Program in a later section. This handbook is organized to closely follow the beef quality assurance agreement and help one easily find the answers to questions.

Visit the national Beef Quality Assurance Program website. Visit the Arizona Beef Quality Assurance Program website.