Upcoming Events

September 24-28 - 60th Annual Weights and Measures Association Meeting, Scottsdale

September 27 - 7th Annual Calf Rollover Auction, Valley Livestock Auction

September 30 - Yavapai Cattle Growers' Association Annual Calf Sale and BBQ, West Fork Peeples Valley

October 3 - 7th Annual Calf Rollover Auction, Prescott Livestock Auction

October 14 - Southern Arizona Cattlemen's Protective Association's Fall Meeting, Tucson

October 18 - 7th Annual Calf Rollover Auction, Marana Livestock Auction

October 19 - Southern AZ Rancher’s Gathering, Cal Ranch, Sierra Vista

November 2 - Range Beef Cattle Workshop, Green Valley

November 16 - 7th Annual Calf Rollover Auction, Willcox Livestock Auction

November 19 - 3rd Annual Anchor F Club Calf Sale, Sonoita

December 27-January 1, 2018 - Arizona National Livestock Show, Phoenix

January 31-February 2, 2018 - Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show, Phoenix

Restore Our Border


Executive Committee

 Jay Whetten, Willcox  

1st Vice President: Bill Dunn, Kearny

2nd Vice President: Jim Chilton, Arivaca

Treasurer: Cindy Tidwell-Shelton, Tempe  

Member-At-Large: Therese Griffin Hicks, Globe 

Member-At-Large: Duane Coleman, Winslow 



Immediate Past President: Jim O'Haco, Winslow 

County Directors
Apache: Lance Knight
Arizona Strip: Brandon Atkin
Cochise: Richard Searle
Coconino: Benny Aja
Gila: Woody Cline
Graham: Fred Davis
Greenlee: Ben Menges
La Paz: Brian deGanahl
Maricopa: Trever Hall
Mohave: Craig Hamilton
Navajo: Dee Johnson
Pima: Joe King
Pinal: Catherine Mann
Santa Cruz: Dean Fish
Yavapai: Keith Cannon
Yuma: Vacant

Arizona State Cowbelles President: Pam Turnbull
Collegiate Cattle Growers: Vacant
Business Associate: Ann Henderson
YCI: Vacant

ACFA President: William Sawyer
ACIF President: Chuck Backus

ACGA Past Presidents


The purpose of these committees is to review, monitor, and help develop Association policy for presentation to membership at the annual meeting. Committee programs should enhance committee participation and unity; develop the necessary financial support; encourage individual participation in the Association; and advise the Board of Directors regarding any actions needed to be taken by the Association.

Committees may be comprised of anyone interested in serving who is a current, regular, dues-paying (producer) member. Committee members should be alert to any problems or opportunities developing and report them immediately to staff or officers. Committee members also help to inform members in their area and others that they come into contact with about the Association, its activities, and its programs. All ACGA members are invited to attend committee meetings throughout the year, however, only dues-paying (producers) members have voting privileges. To join a committee contact the ACGA staff for more information.

Committee  Chair  Vice Chair
Ag Policy Roger Warner Dean Fish
Education & Research Dave Schafer Chuck Backus
Federal Lands Mike Hemovich  
     -Forest Bill Conway  
     -BLM Emmett Sturgill
 Wildlife Norman Brown Woody Cline
Membership Bill Dunn
State Land/Private JR DeSpain Jesse Davis
Resolutions Jim O'Haco Jay Whetten
Budget Dan Bell Cindy Tidwell-Shelton
Safety Phil Clifton  

Public Lands Council Appointments
Jim Chilton, Director
Therese Hicks, Representative
John Fowler, Representative
Emmett Sturgill, Representative

Border Working Group
Dan Bell, Co-Chair
Gary Thrasher, Co-Chair
Scott Arenas
Steve Brophy
Cindy Coping
Kelli Glenn
Don Kimble
Phil Krentz
Sue Krentz
John Ladd
Ted Noon
Louie Pope